Traditional handmade skills accumulated over the years to create elegant and luxurious watch accessories

ColaReb® was founded in Italy in the 1990s and has been working with cobblers who uphold traditional craftsmanship for 30 years. It not only adheres to the traditional Italian leather craftsmanship, but also shows the extraordinary taste of Italian cobblers and the traditional craftsmanship that will not be eliminated by the years. We hope to convey the brand spirit of ColaReb to the world, and use leather to tell the world the taste of life and cultural history of Italy.

The Art of Matching

"Even if it is the most beautiful watch in the world, it will become unattractive with an inappropriate strap. We hope that your watch is worth a strap that can taste the temperature of the text. 』

Genius Loci Spirit of Place

The ColaReb® concept is to enter the international watch accessories industry. Therefore, we continue to pursue the combination of beauty, creativity and high quality. A pair of ingenious hands and ingenuity can make you feel the spirit of Italian culture from products.